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Elixir Tea Kannabio – 10pcs


100% Natural
Safe CBD

Hemp organic flowers of Greek Cultivation of the Sativa L. variety, combined with two types of green teas from Sri Lanka. In a New innovative packaging in sticks for easy of use without getting messy. Kannabio’s Elixir Tea contains 10 rods packed in air sealed packages. THC <0.2%

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What is Kannabio’s Elixir Tea?

Elixir tea Kannabio is a 100% organic and pure product of fine hemp flowers of Greek origin and 2 tea varieties from Sri Lanka. A combination that will give you absolute calm and relaxation at any time of the day.

Cannabis flowers are collected and packaged by hand without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Kannabio cannabis tea is rich in antioxidants, thus boosting your immune system, shielding your body’s shield against viruses and diseases in the most natural way! It contains cannabidiol CBD / CBDa and various other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Why consume Kannabio’s Elixir Tea?

Kannabio’s organic hemp decoction contains excellent quality tea varieties from Sri Lanka. Airtight packed in individual sticks.

Each bar can be used as a teaspoon to stir your drink. It leaves no tea residue in the cup.
This innovative stick spreads the tea evenly throughout the cup, not like the well-known tea bags that leave the contents at the bottom.
A very practical product that after each use you can easily throw away without the slightest clutter since the sticks do not drip.
Kannabio rods are made with Silver Flexy υλικό material, a multi-layer material, 100% safe with high resistance to high temperatures above 100 ° C.
The product is European certified for its Organic Cultivation with no. [(EK) 834/2007 Bio Hellas 2018-000000007764]. TUV 22000.

Elixir Kannabio tea will boost your well-being! Allowing for unique moments of relaxation as it combines the benefits of cannabidiol CBD with pure tea varieties.

Recommended against stomach related disorders and nausea. Promoting digestion and relaxing all senses. An ally against many ailments such as anxiety, inflammations, muscle aches, pain, and insomnia.

Also suitable for balanced diets, with a very mild and natural taste. Combine it with milk, honey, or lemon for a unique experience. Hot or cold, the elixir will leave you speechless with its results.

Always store in share, at room temperature, away from moisture and direct sunlight.

THC <0.2%

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